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Andaaz Fashion is the ultimate destination for all your fashion requirements. Striving to become one of India’s preferred online store, we aim at providing a stress free enjoyable experience that derives the maximum level of customer satisfaction. With our advanced e-commerce base, prompt warehouse management system and experienced customer support team, we try to bring to our shoppers a wide selection of Bollywood inspired fashion garments that are in vogue.

Since the beginning of our journey in 2008 as a part of SV Global Designs Pvt. Ltd, Andaaz fashion has only focused on building a trendy catalogue that is only getting better each day.

Our designs for daily use and updates on style that truly help make a statement are inspired by trends that are currently doing the rounds. Apart from offering an honest price, Andaaz fashion is different in the sense that it is no longer just a fashion label but has emerged as a fashion furious company. With the aim to provide fashionable as well as comfortable clothing for everyday and special occasions, we truly believe that fashion need not necessarily be expensive. Since our designs are targeted at the pan Indian consumer, we are constantly improvising on our design patterns that can suit the variations in fashion taste of the different regions of the country.

Our work strategy

As we are a self-manufacturer company, we have our own team of talented in house designers who are continuously updating on new ideas and styles and special creations are crafted every day to meet the varied requirements of our fashion conscious shoppers.

Promise of Quality and Honesty

Recent upcoming labels generally provide clothing that many shoppers find overpriced. Our motto to provide the modern fashion with honesty leads us to create designs at just the right price, keeping the quality of the material at par with international standards.

Business Ethnics Customers Can Trust

As we choose not to engage in manufacturing methods that are considered unlawful, we adhere to and comply with all the required regulations of manufacturing process. Our advantage of having an in-house manufacturing unit helps us to monitor every stage of production and avoid any kind of manufacturing procedure that may be considered exploitative or unethical. Andaaz fashion has a sound business policy that customers can trust.

Our Global Presence

Apart from being experts in the Indian fashion industry, we have branches in many other countries such as Europe, USA, France, Middle East, and Malaysia which enables us to identify and keep pace with the global fashion trends and design amazing offerings on a regular basis.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is centered on providing our customers with the power and ease to make the internet shopping experience really enjoyable. Value added offerings and services such as the broad selection of seasonal product catalogue, hundred percent authentic items, cash on delivery service, ethical return policy, timely and secured delivery of products at the doorstep, fast response to customer queries and settlement of issues by a dedicated and experienced customer service team etc., make us one of the loved online shopping destination in the country and abroad.

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