THE SAGA OF SALWAR KAMEEZ Salwar Kameez is ethnic attire that has travelled a vast course with several changes and upgrades through ages. Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress favourable for all seasons. An all-time hit and loved by women from all strata, age groups and flares of life, Indian suits never lose their charm or go out of fashion. For sure, Salwar Kameez blends with the modern style statement and provides a charismatic look. Indian suits are not just a dress for a lifetime but it is a bond of generations. The fashion of Salwar Kameez connects us with our roots of tradition, family and also nation. It is common clothing which your grandparents must have also worn, now you are exploring the beauty of Salwar Kameez and for sure your daughter will someday flaunt in this desi look in some different style that you can be proud of. So, a Salwar Kameez brings all of us on a common platform and connects us through generations.        You can never get bored wearing the Indian suit as it comes in a variety of flavours.  You can adjust the length of the Kameez, you might add flares to it, and you can play with its length, sleeve types, neck styles, then come experimenting with the salwar, it can be tight Churidaar or a Straight Pant or a Patiala Salwar with large and several pleats. You can wear an Indian suit with or without a dupatta. The variety of work from simple to minute … Continue reading THE SAGA OF SALWAR KAMEEZ