Raya Designer Dresses 2018

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Clothes Designs for Raya Celebration 2018

Festivals are the occasions when the whole family gets together and enjoys the wonderful moments of togetherness. All over the world there are different kinds of festivals that are celebrated. Festivals are more or less defined by religions. While those who follow Christianity celebrate festivals like Christmas and Easter, the followers of Jewism celebrate festivals like Hanukkah. Followers of Hinduism celebrate Diwali, Holi and so on while followers of Islam celebrate Raya

What is common among all religions and all festivals is that all festivals are celebrated to harbor the feeling of bonding and camaraderie among family and friends. Festivals are the time when gifts are exchanged, families come together and everyone feels warm and happy. This is the real meaning of festivals. Like all festivals Raya is also celebrated to bring old friends and all the members of the family together. Raya is celebrated after the month long fasting of Ramazaan is over and Raya marks the beginning of a new energy and new vitality. The special food items which are prepared on the occasion are shared among all loved ones and the whole family generally enjoys and celebrates together.

Another important component of “Raya” - Eid is the Eidi which is given to the kids and younger people in the family by the elders. The whole family dresses up in new clothes to celebrate Raya. Whether it is men, women or kids, everyone wants to deck up in the most special finery to prepare for this amazing festival. At Andaaz Fashion, we have put together a huge collection of Raya dresses. For men there are Mens kurtas, trouser suits and so on. For women we have long anarkali suits, Patiala suits,salwar kameez suits, long kurtis and so on. Don’t think that we left out the kids. We also have a large stock of kids dresses for your little ones. Shopping from Andaaz Fashion will be a complete delight for the whole family as you can find beautiful and graceful clothes for the whole family at one place, under one roof.

You can choose from among a variety of designs and fabrics available on Andaaz Fashion and here you are definitely spoilt for choice. In women’s dresses you can pick Anarkali suits, Patiala suits and salwar kameez in all different kinds of fabrics from cotton, to georgette to crepe and to silk. In kids dresses also you can get tonnes of dresses and each one will be unique and will win your heart. The essence of Eid will be even more magnified when you and your family dress up in the beautiful clothes from Andaaz Fashion Malaysia.