Hindu Wedding Dresses

Hindu Wedding Dresses

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Designer Hindu Wedding Outfits

The rituals are carried out along with Sanskrit mantras. There are a countless variations across the country, if it comes to wedding rituals. There is certain pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding rituals that are generally performed by all Hindus. The pre-wedding rituals begin from finding the perfect match by the families of bride and groom. If the star of the bride and groom are in the perfect harmony then marriage process goes further. A day is fixed to announce the wedding date, which is called engagement. Engagement is known by many names across India, sagai in Haryana, roka in Punjab, sakhar puda in Maharashtra, tilak among Marwaris and ghor dana in gujratis. In engagement ritual, generally rings are exchanged between would be bride and groom. The date of the wedding is announced on the engagement day. As the wedding approaches, there are some rituals performed with a great passion and dedication, i.e. ganesh puja, mehendi, sangeet and haldi. Traditionally the bride’s parents host the wedding arrangement and the groom’s family comes from the outside to the Mandap. The couple commit to each other in the front of sacred fire. The elders of the both families bless the couple for their newly wedded life. The bride’s father gives her away to the groom, known as Kanyadan. On the wedding day, the bride is Laxmi and the groom is Vishnu. The post wedding rituals is known as Vidaayi, welcoming the bride at the groom’s house and Reception.

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