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What are the different types of Jewelery available in market

Jewelry in Hindi word is Aabhushan which means things to make our body beautiful. So earlier times Jewelry was worn by both men and women equally but in present times Women wear more and very less men. So obviously Jewelry is best compliment of women. Jewelry has a social, emotional and traditional value too. Jewelry is important from the time a child is born in our society, any occasions is incomplete without Jewelry like marriage, ring ceremony, etc. Jewelry is like a good friend of women in good times it is worn and in bad times it gives us financial support too. Many types of Jewelry are available in market to choice from given below:

Alloy jewelry

Alloy jewelry is modern era jewelery which is loved by youngsters, Bollywood actress, Famous personalities and high society people. Alloy Jewelery is very light weight and made with metals like copper, brass, aluminum, etc. These Jewelry are very good for health and it is proved scientifically too that it is good for high blood pressure. This jewelery gives a trendy look to the women who are mostly college girls and working women.

Indian Jewelry

is very popular in country and around the world. In India jewelry is important for all occasions to happen like Indian wedding where Bride give Groom Mangalsutra, Necklace Set and other jewelery so that new groom look beautiful and married. In Ring Ceremony we can understand the importance of The Ring. From ancient times Jewelry was important and it is found at many historical cites also. Many times of Jewelery is famous like Antique jewelry, Bead jewelry, Kundan Jewelry, Ivory Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, White Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, etc.

Designer Jewelry

is another variant which gives elegant and unique look to women of modern era. Designers know that women for whom they are designing are mostly working and intellectuals who want to jewelry of light weight with some unique designs with traditional touch. Designer Jewelry is in great demand as every women want to look different from others especially for special occasion like marriage, parties, festivals, etc.

Handmade Jewelry

is very popular in modern times and in great demand by women. Handmade jewelry is made of beads, clay, tribal silver metal, wood, etc. So Handmade Jewelry is reasonable and with elegant designs. This Jewelry is loved by all but mostly liked by professionals and college students. Today buying jewelry is not that though than earlier days we can get all details and correct weights on website