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Patiala Suits

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Designer Patiala Outfits Designs

If you think about a dress material which comes with vibrant color and amazing designs along with added comfort, then the only on dressing attire which hits your brain is “Patiala Suits”. So if you want to be a part of that vibrant cultures visit our Andaaz Fashion Store and sail with us towards the wonderful culture of living with joy and happiness. It got the name from a city called Patiala of State Punjab in India which is famous for its culture, vibrant color, fun loving and easy going people. It got its ancient history attached to it as the king of Patiala who was also very famous for his dress styles and colour selection, use to wear a peculiar type dresses which comprises of very tight shirt and the trousers which were very baggy and comfortable to wear. With globalization this dress became not only the dress attire on Indian sub continent but also became popular across the world.

Punjabi Suits whenever comes to our mind it gives us a picture of dressing attire full of vibrant colors, stylish designs, soft fabrics and added comfort which it gives to the wearer. It comes in various fabrics like cotton, satin, chiffon, etc and famous for its eye catching embroidery works and detailed craftsmanship of beads, mirror, metals, stones, etc which adds light to the wearer giving her the most flashy appearance. Our store is a proud owner of various stylish and designers’ Punjabi suits which are very popular with women of Malaysia.

Patiala Dresses is another variant in this collection which as the name says comes in the most fascinating colors and designs which is loved by women of all generations. These dresses are famous for its vibrant color styles and flashy prints and embroidery works which gives flaunting appearance to the wearer and are most desirable dressing attire of women of Singapore who loves to have stunning appearance on various occasions.

Frock Style Punjabi Suits are modern version which depicts the creativity and styles of modern designer who uses their imagination to design dressing attire which suits the trends of modern women who wants to look elegant, stylish yet unique during social gathering. It comes with long frock which suits tall women and gives very traditional as well as trendy look to the wearer and very popular in Indonesia. So if you want to get unique, stylish yet comfortable dressing attire just browse through our web store Andaaz Fashion and get the best dress for yourself.