Party Wear Kurti Tunics

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Party Wear Women Kurti Tops!

Of course being a fashionista is encompassing all things traditional and adding a twist of modern elements to the appearance. When jeans became a fad in the 70’s here in India it was only a foray into the insights of change in our traditional wear. Thus we see much later in the evolution of our fashion world the introduction of the top or Kurti as it would be termed, blending with various other western elements, cuts and giving each woman a contemporary stand on the traditional Kameez - Andaaz Fashion.

Very often kurti’s keep the traditions of design and sense of Indian appeal, but the structure of the top varying in cut length and feel. Kurti’s are teamed up with leggings that are another inventive take on the traditional Churidar. Leggings are made of material like Lycra so that the feel and drape is fitted on the legs giving it a neat and sleek look. Long Kurtas can be formal when teamed up with formal pants which are currently trending a great deal. Kurti’s are a famous pick for all working women as it offers comfort, is formal and can be extremely elegant. Cotton Tunic tops are a rave, as it offers a western feel but with keeping the drape-age completely true to its inception. Tunics with Indian motifs and western silhouettes are very nifty.

Online store offer many a selection within this category as this garment is avidly searched for and bought. From your traditional ladies Kurtas which are essentially designer tops which have Indian design and motifs and even craftsmanship, which are teamed with leggings of one’s choice. A favourite penchant with the Kurti is the freedom it gives the wearer to explore an individualistic sense of fashion by mixing and matching from the comfort of your own wardrobe.